Sierra Kaweah RI TDI TRN TTDN CRN - Wylie

General Information

Show Name: Sierra Kaweah RI TDI TRN TTDN CRN
Call Name: Wylie
Gender: Male (neutered)
TDR Registration: TDR 00411G2/2013
Tamaskan Database listing: Link
OFA listing: Link
CKC CCN Number: CCN10000302
CARO Number: D16-5267
Date of Birth: November 29, 2012
Place of Birth: California, USA
Dam: Blufawn Rogue at Sierra (Leilah)
Sire: J&J Devil of Piru at Hawthorne (Darwin)
Color: Red-Grey
Litter: 3 Rivers Litter
Height : 26" at the shoulder
Weight: 78lbs

Titles: RI Rally Intermediate (Canadian Kennel Club)
TDI Trick Dog Intermediate
TRN Tamaskan Rally Novice (Tamaskan Obedience Club)
TTDN Tamaskan Trick Dog Novice (Tamaskan Obedience Club)
CRN-MCL Rally Novice (Canadian Rally Obedience Association) all three scores over 190/200

Hips and Elbows

Genetic Testing

Other Testing

Other Info


Wylie has been....a challenge to train. I would say he is very much like training a husky. He is very stubborn and has very little food drive inside, and zero food drive outside. He doesn't like fetching toys or balls outside unless it's a stick he really likes.

I've seen many Tamaskan owners say their tams are easy to train, and many more say they are incredibly difficult. I agree with the latter. It very much depends on the lines you are getting from, as well as the temperament of the puppy. Wylie is very smart when he wants to be, and we already have several rally-o titles as well as trick dog titles.


Again, some tams are not picky eaters, and some can send you into bankruptcy with their lack of interest in food....Wylie is the latter. I have tried dozens of brands and flavours. And he's not just picky, he will starve himself if he doesn't like the food. Nightmare. He also did very well on medium bags of varying flavours of Acana and seemed to like the Pork one quite a bit.

After much debate I've decided to put him back on raw. We did try raw for a short stint but he grew bored of it and it was very expensive. Then I discovered a brand that sells raw food in I emptied out my chest freezer and bought 200lbs of food. I buy many items from beef windpipes, herring, hake (fish), bison ribs, horse meat, goat, rabbit, chicken backs and skin and fat, mixed cubed organs, and several varieties of ground whole meats with bones and organs. Each night I will mix it up and give him a cube of chicken skin or cubed organs, and a half pound of ground meat. Sometimes he gets a full herring at night or sometimes a couple of hake slices. He absolutely loves this diet and we've been doing it just over a year. His coat is stunning and yes, he is still a bit chubby since he gained weight after his neuter, but he is doing well and his poops are tiny and easy to pick up.

Cost wise the raw is anywhere from $0.60 all the way up to $2.00 per pound depending on what we buy. Chicken is much cheaper than rabbit but I like to vary the proteins quite a bit to avoid boredom. The image of the food on the right is how I store my week of food in the upstairs freezer. This is about 10-14 days of food.

Kennel Training

Nope. In a word. At least not alone at home. We tried it until he hit about four months. We went through several poopocalypses, multiple shredded kennel bottoms, several ruined blankets, and two destroyed cell phones (I still have no idea how!!). After he ripped out two nails and several puppy teeth I gave up. He was much to stressed to leave alone in a kennel. We tried everything. He slept soundly in the kennel overnight so long as he could hear me in my bed, but I was never able to safely leave him alone in the kennel. We eventually puppy-proofed my room, where he still does very well. He doesn't ruin anything, sleeps on my pillows, and enjoys watching my neighbours out the window. He doesn't make a peep. It worked for us to have this arrangement, but several tam owners are easily able to kennel train their dogs. At this point Wylie has run of the house and we have no issues.

That being said Wylie kennels very well in the car and at shows for benching.

Is he friendly?

In a word, yes. He is great with 99% of adults. Excellent with teenagers (he loves them!) and iffy with kids. He has his favourite kids for sure but he definitely isn't normally a fan of the noise and sudden movements. I find he is great with little dogs and tends to be ok with some dogs but again, he's choosy. He adores the show Dachshund that I occasionally foster and they play like crazy.