About Us

Hi there, I'm Katlin

I'm currently a dog and cat groomer, I own my own business. More info on that to come...

Tamaskan Qualifications:

Hi there, I’m Katlin. I was born and raised in Alberta where I currently live. I’m 25 years old and have had animals my entire life, from cats to bettas, to dogs and hamsters.

My first dog was one I found, I was very young and found him wandering the street. The little border collie was soon dubbed “Happy”, after a few days we found the owners, but I think my parents saw what I had said for years: “I want a doggie!”. At this point I decided I wanted a husky or wolf.

Happy was followed by a Yellow lab named Reba, then a Black lab puppy named Lily. I loved my dogs, but we were too young and couldn’t deal with the labrador energy. We decided to hold off on dogs and I followed my sisters and decided to get a cat, as much as I still wanted a husky.

Meeko was MY first pet, my own personal kitty that I loved with all my heart. He was an amazing cat and I taught him tricks, a lot like a dog actually. Meeko passed away due to severe Arthritis and chronic pancreatitis.

In 2008 I was playing a game called FooPets where I met Debby (Sylvæn Tamaskans) just as she was about to get Jasper. I was hooked on the breed, a dog that looked like a wolf without having to have a 14 foot fence and concrete floor?!

I started working at a boarding clinic that was adjoined with a vet hospital. I loved it there and after leaving high school I decided to keep going with the animals as a career. I graduated with a Veterinary Office Assistant certificate (honors) and moved out.

At this point I began planning to get my Tamaskan. After several missed opportunities I finally sent in my deposit to Sierra Tamaskan. Wylie joined my family in January 2013, and he is wonderful. Wylie and I dog scooter, longboard, hike, and skijor. I’d eventually like to dog sled with Wylie.

I’m currently a dog and cat groomer and I own my own business. I am VP of the National Tamaskan Club of Canada, Moderator (Katlin) of the International Tamaskan Forum, and I run the Tamaskan Showing Club. I also make working dog gear and am an intermediate photographer.